Steiger Craft

Steiger Craft is a long-time staple of the eastern seaboard. For over 40 years, Al Steiger has been producing boats from his factory on Long Island, NY with heavy duty work in mind. Originally designed for commercial crabbing, clamming, fishing and towing purposes, his boats have been utilized not only by the commercial crowd, but the Navy, USCG, and Sea Tow as well. Built entirely of fiberglass – including the stringers and floors  – each Steiger Craft offers a stable platform, a smooth ride and true drift. Knowing that fishing happens year-round in all sorts of weather, Steiger Craft’s design includes pilot houses to make them a comfortable four-season fishing boat and special attention paid to the deck/storage spaces to ensure efficiency and safety for it’s users – every tool, rod, and fish will have a place.

Islands Marine Center is proud to be a dealer for a company with such pride and thought in their product. With models ranging in size from 21-31 feet, Steiger Craft’s size and moderate price range set it apart from other fishing boats on the market today. Steiger Craft produces approximately 100 boats a year – all parts made on site. Beginning in 1990, Steiger Craft has offered a commercial lifetime warranty with each boat and has yet to have a hull failure. These boats are built to last. As Mr. Steiger says, “You buy a boat from us, it will last the rest of your life… You might have to replace pumps and motors and electronics, but the boat will last forever.”

Steiger Craft is more than a boat, it’s a tool and a fishing weapon! Come see what the east coast has known for over 40 years, take a sea trial in a Steiger Craft today at IMC!