IMC Sales Philosophy

Lopez Island is a long way from many of the easy to access, mainland dealerships. Our remote location demands that we offer a different experience to our customers. It also demands that we provide our customers with a sales process that goes above and beyond what anyone else in the industry offers. Owners Jennifer and the late Ron Meng (1954-2013) realized this in the very beginning, and what began as their personal business ethics eventually defined and separated Islands Marine Center from other dealerships. It is those very ethics that still serve as the backbone of Islands Marine Center today. The vast majority of our customers are repeat and word-of-mouth referrals – a fact we are proud of and believe is a testament to our thorough and knowledgeable customer service. Ron and Jennifer wanted to offer their customers a boat that fits the unique needs and lifestyles of the Northwest, as well as offer the absolute best in quality. Today, this has led to a line-up of two uniquely Northwest boats that are the top of their class, Ocean Sport Boats and Pursuit Boats. Today, we are dedicated to helping customers find the precise boat that fits their needs. Whether it’s a cruising, fishing or work boat that you are looking for, we are pros at finding what will fit and perform for your unique specifications. We whole-heartedly believe that it is a disservice to sell our customers something they don’t need, while we find it even worse not to sell them something they do need. While most sales processes end once the paperwork is signed and the money has been paid, that is when ours really begins. For more than 40 years they have provided every single new boat customer with a thorough orientation of their vessel. This free, all-inclusive two-day orientation includes everything from lessons in how to use the electronics to docking and piloting instructions and maintenance tips. Don’t worry about finding a place to stay. IMC has two fully stocked apartments available at no charge for orientations. We give our customers the most complete orientation in the industry and have been doing it since the beginning. We can’t wait for you to join the Islands Marine Center family!