Boat Shrink Wrap

When a boat sits on a trailer for months at a time, leaves, sticks and other debris may collect in your boat causing water to hold. Water expands when it freezes and can easily crack fiberglass, surfaces or holds. Shrink wrapping keeps your boat protected from theses elements in the harsh months. Some other reasons to have your boat shrink wrapped include:

  • Protects from sun's UV rays
  • Won't get damaged from ice
  • Snow slides off easier
  • Stronger than tarps to withstand high winds
  • Boat is vented to allow airflow, leaving boats dry
  • Protects from yard dirt, bird droppings, and environment debris
Shrink Wrap Rates
 Boats with less than 9' beam  $20 Per Ft
 Boats with 9' beam and up  $25 Per Ft
 Large cruisers and sailboats  $35 Per Ft

Contact Islands Marine Center and marina on Lopez Island, WA in the San Juan Islands for more information or to schedule an appointment at (360) 468-3377.

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